Special Projects



As part of the nearly century-old tradition of Waldorf education, engaging students in meaningful outdoor time and physical activity adds another dimension to their learning. These opportunities engage children's creativity in problem-solving in a physical manner - reinforcing their ability to overcome adversity and develop grit and resilience. For example, in first grade, when children are learning "skip counting," they literally skip rope while they are practicing to strengthen the lesson.

We are grateful for our amazing donors.

Thank you for helping to build our Treehouse Platforms!

Fitch Lumber & Hardware - InCord - Gregory & Rebecca Berenfield - Georg & Janet Buehler - Parker & Wynda Chesson - Ian & Amanda Cook - Peter & Colleen Cook - Jeff & Paige Chandler - John & Martha Chandler - Jasmine Chehrazi - Gary & Pam Conrad - Samia Touati Dietz - Bayla Feinberg - Charles Gershbach & Catherine Reyes - Linda & Michael Gurwitz - Lynden Harris - William Harmon - Mark Hulbert & Merideth Tomlinson - Kevin & Carolyn Jones - Kelley Kirven - Patrice Maynard - Eve Olive - Marlene Panet- Raymond - Jeremy Raymont & Jen McGonigle - Craig Smith - Leslie Stewart - Lindsay & Jamie Quick - Jeff Smith - Sims Preston & Posy Stone - The Venezia Family - Ezra Wise & Christina Plyer Wise - Gerald & Wendy Zeigler

Emerson’s educational philosophy also encourages students to challenge preconceptions about their world. The treehouse platforms will provide our children a physical means to experience a different perspective on a familiar scene thus challenging their preconceptions - their long-held beliefs of what they think their playground is and looks like. This practice is essential in developing the skills necessary for analytical thinking and evaluating multiple, often conflicting ideas.