Emerson Waldorf School places great importance on interscholastic athletic activities for students in grades six through twelve. These activities play a vital role in their overall development, fostering both social and skill growth. Importantly, EWS teams are inclusive, welcoming all students regardless of their ability or skill level. Every participant has a meaningful role on the team, and our coaches work diligently to ensure everyone has the chance to learn and progress during practices and games, aligning with both individual and team objectives. 

To be part of a sports team, student-athletes are required to honor their commitment by attending practices and competitions while also maintaining their academic responsibilities.

In middle school, athletics at Emerson emphasize participation, teamwork, sportsmanship, skill enhancement, and discipline within a fun and safe environment. As students progress to high school, competition takes on a more serious tone, serving as a true test of skills against worthy opponents. 

Our aim is to provide a high-quality athletic experience where players can anticipate personal improvement and success. Through our athletic program, we aim to instill discipline, promote health and fitness, offer leadership opportunities, and create a sense of belonging within a team.

Athletic Director

Katie Mentz, is an EWS parent, active volunteer, current member of our Board of Directors, and now serves as EWS Athletic Director. Katie has a lifelong history as an athlete participating in soccer, gymnastics, baseball, basketball and diving throughout her childhood and competed as a Division 1 Athlete at the University of Richmond. She graduated with a BSBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management. She is mom to three EWS students giving her both the parent and administrative perspective with respect to developing the whole child in sports.

She is committed to working with our faculty, students, parents, and coaches to coordinate our sports program and further enhance athletics in our community.